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Oguchi Onyewu is available; should D.C. United pursue him?

Former United States Men's National Team center back Oguchi Onyewu has been released by his club team; should D.C. United pursue him?


Oguchi Onyewu parted ways with Sporting Lisbon today, making the 31 year old center back a free agent. In the past, Onyewu has expressed a preference to come to Major League Soccer at some point and that D.C. United would be his first choice team. If the team were able to sign him, Onyewu would instantly become the best defender on the team, even though he hasn't played very many games over the past few years.

But, since this is Major League Soccer, there is always the question of what D.C. United would have to give up to get him: Because of the acquisition of Carlos Ruiz, United sits near the bottom of the allocation order and would likely have to trade with someone to jump up and get Gooch. Chivas USA had to give up a first round draft pick to get Carlos Bocanegra, but that could just be a case of the Chivas management not knowing how to properly value draft picks. A deal involving allocation money would seem to be the most likely transaction, should United want to do it. United would also be able to skip the allocation order should they want to make him a designated player, but I wouldn't be supportive of putting that much money into an injury prone center back.

But even if D.C. United were able to navigate all of those hurdles, there is still the question of whether or not the team should sign him. Onyewu has never looked the same since the knee injury he suffered against Costa Rica in 2009, and so he may never be able to earn the money that he will likely command. My thought is that it would be worth a look if they can get him for around what Dejan Jakovic or Brandon McDonald was making, but I can certainly understand why people would want to stay away from him completely.

But this is why we have polls: At what price point would you want D.C. United to sign Oguchi Onyewu?

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