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Jorge Bazan is "tempted" by the prospect of moving to D.C. United

Kurt Morsink must have been in Peru recently, because there are now reports of a second player being scouted by D.C. United

Ned Dishman

Kurt Morsink must have been in Peru recently, with a second player linked to a move to D.C. United in the Peruvian press. As is the case with many news outlets, anyone about whom United has even talked about will likely be mentioned to be "close to moving" or "tempted." What is telling, rather than the specific names, is that both players that have been mentioned are wingers.While the trade for Alain Rochat was meant to boost United's defense, the majority of the trialists so far have been attacking players.

The newest player reported is Jorge Bazan, a 22 year old winger/striker for Alianza Lima in the top level of Peruvian soccer. He made his debut in the Torneo Decentralizado (great name for a league, by the way) in 2011 and has also been a member of the Peruvian U-20 team. One thing I did glean from his obligatory YouTube video, this one just showing one goal, is that he is not the slight of stature but technical winger that United has typically signed from Central and South America. While he is short, 5'8", he seems to have a lot more muscle on him than, say, Marcos Sanchez or Christian Castillo.

Remember, all of these foreign trialists would require D.C. United to either trade for an international slot or to cut, trade, or otherwise get ride of an international currently on the team. We shall keep you informed as more players are linked with United over the coming months. The silly season is always a fun ride!