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Swedish press suggests that D.C. United is interested in Guatemalan midfielder Kevin Arriola

First there was the Indonesian Messi, and now D.C. United might be interested in taking a look at the Guatemalan Ribery, Kevin Arriola.

Will the Indonesian Messi be replaced by the Guatemalan Ribery?
Will the Indonesian Messi be replaced by the Guatemalan Ribery?

D.C. United's name has come up again in the ever changing world of transfer rumors, this time in association with Kevin Arriola, a young Guatemalan midfielder. This rumor comes out of the Swedish press, as Arriola is currently on trial with Helsingborgs IF, the current club of Alejandro Bedoya. Arriola currently plays for the Guatemalan club Xelaju MC and has earned two caps with the senior Guatemalan national team during the Copa Centroamericana.

The article has claims from Arriola's agent that Monterrey, D.C. United, and a Norwegian team are interested as well; these claims are likely to merely bolster the negotiating power with Helsingborgs rather than a true indication of who is in the game. United may have taken a quick look at the player, and that is where the agent is basing his claim, but anything more than that is unknown and not particularly likely.

However, the main thing that I gathered from this article is the ridiculous nickname of Arriola: the Guatemalan Ribery. This, combined with the fact that the Indonesian Messi, Andik Vermansyah, trialed with United last year, has given us a panoply of ridiculous comparisons. Perhaps we should be giving nicknames like this to all of the players on D.C. United: Dejan Jakovic could have been advertised as the Canadian Beckenbauer, Lionard Pajoy as the Colombian Gerd Mueller, et cetera and et cetera. I leave it to you, our humble commenters, to come up with far better suggestions than I can fathom.