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Rumor: Erick Thohir wants to send young Inter Milan players to D.C. United on loan

D.C. United's Indonesian owner, Erick Thohir, is in talks to buy part or all of Inter Milan; one report says that once he does he wants to get young Inter players playing time in D.C.

Patrick McDermott

Erick Thohir, D.C. United's current "rich uncle" owner, is apparently currently in Italy meeting with the owner of Inter Milan, Massimo Moratti, about his bid to purchase the team. Among other things, he wants to transform the team into a publicly traded company, like Manchester United, and build the team a new stadium to replace the venerable San Siro. All of this we have known for a few weeks already.

However, new information is coming from Fab Romano, an Italian reporter. Specifically, he is reporting that Thohir wants to be able to send young Inter Milan players to United, presumably to help them develop into players for Inter's first team and to get United an exclusive crack at higher quality developmental players; this is very similar to the way that everyone expects NYCFC to get some Manchester City players on loan. And unlike the loan deal between MLS and USL Pro, these loans would follow the traditional loan structure around the world, rather than this somewhat strange arrangement where players can shuttle back and forth between the two teams.

Obviously this is an ongoing situation and Thohir's attempt to buy the team may fall through. But if it does work out, I am fine with United getting these kinds of players rather than the Syamsir Alam's upon which he has insisted so far. Inter's young players would probably also be of at least comparable (and very likely higher) quality than the players that United has found out of South America recently as well. As always, there will be more information about this as we get it.