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Rumored D.C. United target Jorge Bazan might be on his way to Major League Soccer

Peruvian winger Jorge Bazan, who was connected with D.C. United over the summer, is now rumored to be negotiating with an unnamed MLS club.

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Remember Jorge Bazan? He is a young Peruvian winger who was "tempted" by a move to D.C. United over the summer, after Kurt Morsink had been on a scouting trip in Peru. At that time, there was no way to free up an international slot to make him fit into the team; now, the team has available slots as they have gotten rid of most of their international players from last year.

Peruvian newspaper is now reporting that Bazan will not return to Alianza Lima and is currently in negotiations with an unnamed team in Major League Soccer. Obviously, take any and all rumors, especially those from Central and South American newspapers, with a grain of salt, but this is now the second transfer window that Bazan has been linked with Major League Soccer. While D.C. United's discovery claim from the 2013 season, if they had one, would have already expired, I would assume that they would have put another claim on him for the 2014 season if they thought he was good enough to play in Major League Soccer.

The signing would make sense from a positional standpoint: Winger is one of the positions for which D.C. United still needs depth and competition, and a signing such as Bazan might be able to provide such competition; he can play both on the left wing as well as centrally. We all know D.C. United's recent track record with foreign signings, should he eventually be signed by the team, but they have to keep trying. Eventually, they have to get one right.