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Nick DeLeon receives another call-up for Trinidad and Tobago; will he go?

As he did last preseason for Olympic qualifying, Nick DeLeon has been called up to the Trinidad and Tobago National Team. Will he accept the call-up this time around?


In what seems to have become a D.C. United preseason tradition, the Trinidad and Tobago National Team has decided to call-up Nick DeLeon. Last preseason, before DeLeon had played an MLS game, Trinidad and Tobago attempted to call-up DeLeon for the Soca Warriors Olympic qualifying campaign. DeLeon declined the offer and then went on to have a first season that had him as a potential candidate for the current Camp Cupcake.

This time around, Trinidad and Tobago are offering a call-up to their first team in upcoming friendly against Peru. The team is also attempt to arrange another friendly against Peru and a friendly against South Korea. These friendlies are meant to be warmups for this summer's Concacaf Gold Cup; since Trinidad and Tobago did not qualify for the Hexagonal, this will be their primary focus.

As is always the case when a player is eligible for multiple countries, there are many factors in play. DeLeon was born and raised in Arizona and did not talk to his father, former Trinidadian international Leroy DeLeon, for many years. Also in play is the fact that if he continues to develop his game the way he did this year he could very well be in line for a call-up to the United States Men's National Team, with its higher likelihood of reaching the World Cup. On the other hand, he has seemingly fixed his relationship with his father, who now gives him advice on how to be a professional. And there is always the allure of actual games now versus potential games in the future.

These matches would not cap tie DeLeon to Trinidad and Tobago, but the Gold Cup would. As always, we will keep an eye on the developing situation.

(ht shinguardian via reefa_k)