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Filibuster talks about becoming fans, favorite goalkeepers, and indoor soccer

Soccer, go!

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This week on Filibuster, Jason, Adam, and Ben kick off the show by sharing their stories about how they each went from someone who watched D.C. United games into dedicated fans of the team. For each of us, it was a specific moment or game, and you can share your moments in yesterday’s Freedom Kicks.

In the second segment, we’re starting a new series where we talk about our favorite player at each position on the team, based on whatever metric we like. Note, this is not necessarily the best player, just our favorite. We start this week with goalkeeper, and we all caveat that Bill Hamid is our favorite (and the best), before moving onto a bunch of other names. We also take a long diversion into mid-1990s indoor soccer teams. Give it a listen!

0:00 Intro

11:51 When did we first become DCU fans?

35:17: Favorite D.C. United goalkeepers (and indoor soccer)

Music is Fractal (Original Mix) by MendeX.

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