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RFK Memories with Devon McTavish, plus D.C. United vs. Portland Timbers

Join us on our walk down memory lane

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D.C. United took a week off, but Filibuster never does! With the news that RFK Stadium is likely to be torn down by 2021, Jason, Adam, and Ben bring on Devon McTavish, former United player and current color commentator on FloSports, to talk about memories of RFK from a player’s point of view. We also ask Devon about the upcoming game against the Portland Timbers and the performance of the team.

Speaking of Portland, in the second segment we bring back Will Conwell from Stumptown Footy to bring us up to date on all things Timber. Give it a listen!

You can also treat this as today’s Freedom Kicks! Discuss!

0:00 Intro

10:01 RFK Memories with Devon McTavish

44:57 D.C. United versus Portland Timbers

Music is Fractal (Original Mix) by MendeX.

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