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What the hell happened in Toronto? Plus USOC: Filibuster

I don’t even know anymore

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All three members of the Filibuster squad are fit and back in action, ready to break down (9:48) D.C. United’s preposterous 4-4 draw against Toronto FC. We talk about the dream-like qualities of the game, and discuss all the things that went well in the first half. We look at what Toronto did in the second half to adjust, and how D.C. United’s defense suffered a complete breakdown at every angle. We pivot to look a little forward to end the segment, including what kinds of mid-season signings are both likely and needed, and what kind of structure in which they will need to fit.

In the second segment (43:47), we welcome back Michael Citro of The Mane Land to talk about United’s U.S. Open Cup matchup against Orlando City. We have to discuss the fact that Jason Kreis is out and all of the injuries they have suffered. We also discuss Chris Mueller, their temporary head coach, and try to inflict Dunga upon them as their permanent coach. Give it a listen!

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