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A look at the season so far with Charles Boehm: Filibuster

Charlie graces our podcast with his presence

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D.C. United didn’t show up for the last 80 minutes, but Filibuster is here for the full 90. Jason, Adam, and Ben break down (8:15) United’s worst performance of the year against the Philadelphia Union, and go through our own parade of horribles. We discuss the center backs, the fullbacks, and central midfield, before breaking down the striker battle and examining the high press.

In the second segment we welcome Charles Boehm to the show to get a 30,000 foot view of the team. You’ll want to read his interview with Ben Olsen before getting into this segment, so we’ll wait right here. Welcome back! We ask Charlie about Bennyball generally and their defensive play, before getting his read on United’s high press. We inquire about if there are any striker rumors and break down Olsen’s plan for young players generally and Chris Durkin specifically. We end by talking about the relationship between the team and the community in the youth development sphere, possible new owners, and the fans generally and the front office in particular. Give it a listen!

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