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Opening the mailbag with Greg Roche: Filibuster

Special guest Greg Roche joins us again

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It’s a little late in the day, but don’t worry! Filibuster is always here for you. Jason, Adam, and Ben are joined by regular guest and DC101 megastar Greg Roche, and we answer your questions (10:06) from the Twitterbox. We talk about the fact that this weekend’s D.C. United game will be broadcast on Twitter, Grant Wahl’s ambition ratings, and the front office, before getting weird. Listen, there’s a lot of talk of the hairstyles of MLS referees, and it is a raring good time.

In the second segment (47:36) Roche has to depart, but we are joined by Matt Ralph from Brotherly Game, the SB Nation site about the Philadelphia Union. We ask him about the Union’s season so far, the high line they’ve played, and how their new DP, Borek Dockal, has fared so far. We also talk about their forwards, David Accam, and how their defense is mostly homegrown players, before asking Matt to gameplan the Union for us. Give it a listen!

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