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MLS season preview with Matt Doyle, plus D.C. United preseason: Filibuster

The 2018 season is almost here!

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The season is just around the corner (and the Concacaf Champions League starts tonight!) and Filibuster is here to bring you up to speed. In the first segment (10:39), Jason, Adam, and Ben talk about D.C. United second preseason game. We heap praise on Darren Mattocks and especially Zoltan Stieber, talk about Luciano Acosta and the midfield, and get excited for Chris Durkin and his ability to win balls. We also go over the defense, and Oniel Fisher in particular.

In the second segment, we welcome back our old friend Matt Doyle of to get his thoughts on MLS as a whole going into 2018. We talk about the money and talent that is infusing the league, both on the field and on the sidelines, and how there might be even more moves in the summer. We discuss the weird offseasons that Minnesota, Colorado, and other teams have had, and the tactical trends around the league. We look at D.C. United’s striker situation and how their homestand will play out, before asking Matt who the most interesting team is in the league. Give it a listen!

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