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D.C. United’s offseason and MLS awards: Filibuster

We take our first steps towards 2019

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D.C. United is plowing right into the offseason, and Filibuster will be here with you every step towards the 2019 season. Jason, Adam, and Ben start this episode by talking about D.C. United’s apparent new technical director, Dane Murphy. Relatedly, wetalk about the way that Loudoun County United will fit with D.C. United under the leadership of a single technical director. With a USMNT game coming up today, we have to talk about the ridiculousness furor surrounding Wayne Rooney’s callup, before ending the segment talking about some MLS awards and especially ones that feature Luciano Acosta and Mr. Roney.

In the second segment, we talk about some MLS expansion news, dunk on some badges and some Telstar logos (but not Telstar the ball) and punt the playoffs to next week’s episode. Give it a listen!

With your support, we’ve made two big upgrades! The first is that we are producing chapter marks for the segments now, and those should appear directly in your podcast app (or on SoundCloud, if you listen there). The second is that there are now audio transcriptions of the podcast for those who want or need them! They are available on our Internet Archive page only, so you’ll need to go over there to find them; they’re produced by speech recognition software, so they’re not 100% accurate, but they look readable. These upgrades are only possible because of the support we get on Patreon, so if you appreciate these upgrades, consider pitching in.

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