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D.C. United preseason and why we didn’t watch the USMNT: Filibuster

Plus we go around the Eastern Conference

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Practices are happening, players are training, and Filibuster is here for you. In the first segment (11:01), Jason, Adam, and Ben dive into D.C. United’s preseason decampment to Clearwater, Florida and take a look at the current status of the roster. We talk about the trialists, specifically Sheanon Williams and Chris Odoi-Atsem, and we wish for better fullback options. We also talk about how the potential Latin American attacker (but not a true striker) could fit into the team before talking about Audi field. We also briefly talk about the USMNT, and mostly about why none of us watched the game.

In the second segment (41:01), we look at what the rest of the Eastern Conference has done so far this offseason, taking them in reverse order of finish from last year. Some of these teams are gonna be really bad, so give it a listen!

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