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D.C. United vs. San Jose, and wrapping up Chicago

We have to break down that loss before moving on

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Well that sucked. Jason, Adam, and Ben have to talk about D.C. United’s game against the Chicago Fire and how, for the first 10 minutes or so, D.C. United looked decent; it all went down hill from there. We discuss the deflated body language after the own goal, and the poor play of the forwards. We also discuss the pairing in central defense and the role of Jalen Robinson going forward, before trying to end on a positive note and talk about the best thing we saw.

In the second segment we talk about D.C. United’s upcoming game against the San Jose Earthquakes. We marvel at Chris Wondolowski still being as good as he is and the transition this season from Dom Kinnear to Chris Leitch. We discuss their bench and the fact that they have designated players on it, before discussing how to gameplan for them.

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