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D.C. United transfer deadline madness: Filibuster

For once, an non-stop-action-packed transfer window

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Yesterday was been an insane day of news that it makes like everything seem like years ago, and today has the possibility to be the same. But it was only a few days ago that D.C. United played against Toronto FC and got a point after having been down a man for over half the game! Jason, Ben, and Adam talk about that game, the start of which was the best D.C. United has played all year. We talk about TFC’s performance in the game, Sean Franklin’s up or down play, and the slew of tactics Ben Olsen used in the second half to stop TFC.

In the second segment we go full-on news roundup, and today has already made some of this need further updates. We talk about Bruno Miranda and Zoltan Stieber, D.C. United’s new wing acquisitions. We also talk about Gary Medel, the defensive midfield, and what the fact that they were offering all of that money means. We end by talking about two trades: that of Lamar Neagle, and that of Bobby Boswell (which broke while we were recording). Give it a listen!

You may notice we are talking over each other more than normal; there was a recording mishap that we are working to fix.

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