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USA vs. Mexico and Trinidad preview, plus D.C. United still can’t score: Filibuster

With D.C. United off for the weekend, Filibuster turns its eyes to the USMNT

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With our first meetup of the year behind and two games to review, Filibuster is back to talk into your ears. Adam, Jason, and Ben talk about D.C. United’s loss to Orlando City and their draw with the LA Galaxy together, and start by asking where the goals are. We talk about the defensive breakdowns in the Orlando game, as well as the chances D.C. United did actually have against the Galaxy, before pondering why the team isn’t clicking. We look forward to the next set of games that United will play by wondering if they should play all of their starters in the US Open Cup game against Christos FC to try and get them clicking, and close by picking the forward we want to see against Toronto FC in two weeks time.

In the second segment, we talk about the US men’s national team and their upcoming World Cup qualifiers. Having started to dig themselves out of a hole, these games are still massively important to ensure qualification. We start by talking about the Trinidad and Tobago game and ask whether Bruce Arena should rest some key players for Mexico or try and guarantee a win at home. We have to talk about Christian Pulisic in any USMNT segment, and we also discuss how the injury to John Brooks may affect the team.

We also recorded our first Patreon-only segment that will be going up soon (either later today or tomorrow) where all three of us talk about how we got into soccer and into D.C. United. If you want to help support our work here on this podcast and get some cool exclusive content, you can sign up on our Patreon page.

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