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Bill Hamid at the Gold Cup, US Open Cup, and Montreal Impact: Filibuster podcast

The games can’t stop, won’t stop

Adam rejoins Ben and Jason, which is good because there is a metric ton of soccer about which to talk. We take the games against Atlanta United and the Philadelphia Union as a compare and contrast. We talk about the expected goals in each game and how they indicate some signs of life, but also talk about how it still isn’t nearly good enough yet. We also discuss how important Patrick Nyarko is to everything this team does, how the Bill Hamid save at the end of the Atlanta game changed everything, and the admirable admission by Harris Medunajun that Luciano Acosta didn’t kick him.

To close out the first segment, we talk about Bill Hamid’s call-up to the USMNT, and what it means for United in these next few games, and the signing of Deshorn Brown.

In the second segment, we discuss the next two games: the US Open Cup matchup against the New England Revolution tomorrow night and their game against the Montreal Impact on Saturday. The Revs may be the team that has to rotate even more players than United, given their injuries and their compacted schedule as well. On the other side of the field. United may be buoyed by the return of some long-injured players, and may be forced to have them play significant minutes.

Finally, ask whether the Montreal Impact are still a one-dimensional counter-attacking team and how they will deal with their Canadian callups. We end with our traditional question and try and figure out how to gameplan L’Impact. Give it a listen!

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