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D.C. United versus New York City FC and Sporting Kansas City review: Filibuster 227

An extra-special Monday edition for you!

It is an extra-special Monday edition of the Filibuster podcast! Jason, Ben, and Adam are here to break down D.C. United’s first game of the season, including talking about why the goalkeepers were the men of the match for both teams in that opener. We also talk about the two right back conversion projects on display during this game, as well as United’s (lack of) passing, before diving deep into Marcelo’s penalty. We also talk about the problems D.C. United had with Luciano Acosta being out, how Sporting Kansas City succeeded in their gameplan, before ending with Sean Franklin’s role in this game and the scramble that should have led to a goal.

In the second segment we welcome on Raf Noboa y Rivera onto the show to preview the upcoming match against New York City FC. We talk about how they couldn’t break through against Orlando City and how Patrick Viera is having the team line up this season. We talk about Andrea Pirlo and their center backs, Alexander Ring and Rodney Wallace, and ask whether or not Raf is worried that they couldn’t solve Orlando City’s defense. Give it a listen!

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Thank you for taking the time to listen. If you have any responses, questions, criticisms, etc., please leave them in the comments or send them to You can also reach us on Twitter, @FilibusterDCU.