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USA vs. Jamaica and Serbia, LAFC, and D.C. United: Filibuster 222

Despite there not being much D.C. United news, we’ve got plenty about which to talk

It is Wednesday, and so that means it is Filibuster day! Jason, Ben, and Adam are back to talk about all things soccer, and we kick off with the US Men’s National Team and the re-debut of Bruce Arena. We talk about the differences in the team from the Jurgen Klinsmann era as well as the fullback choices Bruce made. We hone in on his right side of the field, before ending with the fact that Jozy Altiodre needs support and and Jermaine Jones remains Jermaine Jones.

In the second segment, we welcome back Alicia Rodriguez from the newly rebranded Angels on Parade (formerly The Goat Parade). We talk about LAFC, including their latest news and the starting moves the team has made. We ask if they will be more like Atlanta United or Minnesota United in their roster contruction as well as whether or not they will start an NWSL team. Finally, we talk about cup-winning D.C. United midfielder John Thorrington, the fans’ expectations for the team, their academy, and end with the fact that multiple former Chivas USA players just got capped for the USMNT.

Finally, we crack open the Twitterbox and answer your questions. Give it a listen!

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Thank you for taking the time to listen. If you have any responses, questions, criticisms, etc., please leave them in the comments or send them to You can also reach us on Twitter, @FilibusterDCU.