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Breaking down D.C. United’s midfield problems, plus Western Conference Finals: Filibuster podcast

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There was so much about D.C. United’s season to break down last week that we moved some of it to this week. After Jason, Adam, and Ben talked about the central defense and defensive midfield last week, we we start by talking about the rest of central midfield this week. We also talk about the addition of speed on the wings and whether the problems of finishing were a fluke or more systemic issue. We also do some cake or death reviews of players.

In the second segment we hoped to have on Dave Clark of Sounder at Heart and Alicia Tolar of Dynamo Theory, but technical difficulties prevented us from having Dave on. So instead, we talked with Alicia about all things Houston Dynamo, including their injuries and suspensions, Angry Joe Willis, and whether or not they have a chance against the Sounders. Give it a listen!

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