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Filibuster podcast episode 202: We can’t hide our insults

Ben is too busy smoking delicious foodstuffs on his grill to join the podcast, so it is just Jason and Adam for the first of two episodes this week. First, the pair break down D.C. United’s satisfying 4-1 victory over Orlando City SC, including discussing Taylor Kemp’s great game, United playing direct and attacking without going Route 1, and how different this team is than the D.C. United of June. They also talk about Julian Buescher stepping in for Marcelo Sarvas as well as Nick DeLeon’s debut at right back.

In the second segment, Jason and Adam discuss United’s attempt to get their first back-to-back wins this year against Columbus Crew SC. Jason breaks down what is going right for Crew SC with their two straight wins coming into Wednesday’s game, and they discuss what was going wrong for them before that. They talk about who will play the #10 spot with Federico Higuain injured, ponder whether Crew SC’s style has evolved in the past two year, and end by trying to pinpoint their weakness and find a way that United can exploit it. Give it a listen!

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Thank you for taking the time to listen. If you have any responses, questions, criticisms, etc., please leave them in the comments or send them to You can also reach us on Twitter, @FilibusterDCU.