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Filibuster podcast episode 137: I'm ejecting myself from the podcast

There's still so much soccer, we have to talk for over an hour just to cover some of it.

Since there is ever so much soccer, its a Filibuster on a Monday! (If you're not getting Filibuster from one of the sources below, you miss out on getting right when it comes out!) We start by reminiscing about howl long it has been since we recorded on a Sunday (miss you, Martin), before getting into the meat of the podcast. D.C. United actually played Chicago last week, and we talk about Conor Doyle's golazo and the formation that the team employed in that game.

We also talk about the draw against Toronto FC, and start off with the stellar performance of Steve Birnbaum in that game. We then talk about the defense overall and how impressed we were by them and how they did not give up a goal against one of the highest-priced attacks in the league. Finally, we talk about how TFC didn't really create many chances, despite the popular narrative that they dominated the game.

We move onto tomorrow's game against the Philadelphia Union in the US Open Cup, and how the Union have been burning up their starters in the league. We argue that they should concentrate on the Open Cup, because they have a better chance at pulling a 2013 D.C. United then doing well in this regular season.

We also talk about Friday's game against the Seattle Sounders, who will be getting Clint Dempsey back from suspension but will be missing Obafemi Martins. We compare Dempsey's suspension to what Cuauhtémoc Blanco got, and then talk about what Dempsey will do in this game and how United will have to play to win.

Finally, we talk more about the 2015 World Cup and start with discussing their high press. We ask whether or not missing Lauren Holiday and Megan Rapinoe made the USWNT better, their central midfield tactics, and how the United States will approach this game against Germany.

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