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Filibuster podcast episode 121: LD Alajuelense, MLS CBA, and opening weekend

On tap tonight: JR Ewing Private Reserve, Gnarly Brown, Bells Smitten Golden Rye, DC Brau's The Citizen

The Filibuster gang is still sad about Thursday night, but we're here for you. Adam, Ben, Jason, and Donald talk about what the hell happened in D.C. United's Concacaf Champions League game against LD Alajuelense, including dissecting the play of Andrew Dykstra, Steve Birnbaum and Bobby Boswell, and Davy Arnaud and Perry Kitchen. We also talk about the scheduling of the game and theorize if there would be any way to move it even a little later.

Donald then regales us with the epic story of his cab ride during his layover leaving Costa Rica. If nothing else, please listen to this story: it involves the tourism police!

We then turn back to soccer and talk about the second leg of the CCL quarterfinals, and ask if D.C. United can climb the mountain before them both offensively and defensively. We also discuss whether or not any of the likes of Jairo Arrieta, Miguel Aguilar, or Michael Farfan should start this game.

In the third segment, we preview D.C. United's opening weekend match against the Montreal Impact, because we are optimists. We look at their first CCL game, whether they can translate that success into MLS, and whether or not the CCL will affect either team's performance on Saturday.

Finally, in a rarely seen fourth segment, we have to talk about the collective bargaining between MLS and its players' union. We talk about how there may or may not have been some progress in negotiations, give our predictions as to whether the season will start on time, and beat the drum for the University of California solution to the problem. It is a jam-packed episode, so give it a listen!

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Our theme song is Pocket, by Beau Finley, used with permission.