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Filibuster podcast episode 119: ATX Pro Challenge, MLS Referees

On tap tonight: Courvoisier VSOP, Apple juice and rum, Old Overholt Manhattan

Welcome to the all-musical episode of Filibuster, where we sing you the entire week's news about D.C. United! That's not actually true, but hope that you can make it through the very bad singing at the beginning because we do eventually talk about the ATX Pro Challenge, the most awesome of armadillo sheriff trophies, D.C. United's defense, the return of Bill Hamid (already in fine form), Miguel Aguilar and the right midfield in general, and the style of play that D.C. United took in these two games.

We then move into roster updates, and talk about D.C. United releasing Dan Metzger and Andrew Driver as well as the new trialists coming in to try and get the third goalkeeper spot. Finally, we talk about the new interpretations of rules that the Professional Referee Organization will be implementing, including the offside rule and persistent infringement. We also through in some talk of what possible rule change we would like to see to make teams and leagues take concussions more seriously. Give it a listen!

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Our theme song is Pocket, by Beau Finley, used with permission.