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Filibuster podcast episode 162: I ignore any intentional stylization

In the second to last episode of the year, we talk about the stadium, broadcasting, and more!

Even on the week of Christmas, Filibuster is here for you, your travels, and when you need to escape family. Adam, Jason, and Ben kick off this episode by talking about Steve Goff's interview with D.C. United managing partner Jason Levien. We talk about the size of the stadium, the surprisingly pernicious roof debate, the contract status of Perry Kitchen, and Marco Etcheverry in the D.C. Sports Hall of Fame.

We then talk about MLS Live coming back next year, D.C. United's move to WJLA7, and finish up with a slew of awards: The Andy Award, the Donnety Award, and a lightning round of Cake or Death. Give it a listen!

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