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Filibuster podcast episode 97: New York Red Bulls and D.C. United news roundup

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Despite the derbis earlier in the week, the Filibuster crew is committed to providing you with a quality podcast. So we are back again, and start off with a news roundup. We talk about Samuel Inkoom, D.C. United's new signing; the injuries to Chris Rolfe and Eddie Johnson; whether D.C. United is particularly susceptible to injury. We then take a diversion into American Gladiators before coming back around and talking about the return of Chris Pontius.

We then start talking about the New York Red Bulls, including Theirry Henry and Tim Cahill, whether or not they will change into a new formation, their defensive woes, the channel between Sean Franklin and Bobby Boswell, and then take a digression into the Portland Timbers.

We end with a brief twitterbox. Give it a listen!

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Our theme song is usually Pocket, by Beau Finley, used with permission.

Also, here is some Filibuster fan art from listener/commenter Pirate Trevor. His description is thus: "Behold, it is a goat offering legal advice, the eventual end result of the Filibuster Podcast." If you have some, please send it along!