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Filibuster podcast episode 75: I wish I could be a free beer distributor

On tap tonight: Gin Rickey, Van Winkle Special Reserve Lot B, Buffalo Trace Manhattan, and Iced Tea.

The Filibuster crew is back once again, and we start of this week's episode by reviewing the win against the New England Revolution. We talk about Jose Goncalves' lovely goal, Chris Rolfe's immediate impact and goal, Lewis Neal's less than stellar performance, Davy Arnaud as a central midfielder and Collin Martin as a starter, and then end with a discussion of the team's fullback depth.

We then bring on Jason Iapicco of Once a Metro and the Red Bull Rant. With him, we talk about the New York Red Bulls' slow start, how Thierry Henry and Jamison Olave don't play on turf, the confusing signings of both Bobby Convey and Richard Eckersley, the emergence of Peguy Luyindula as an attacking midfielder and not a striker. We end by asking whatever happened to Connor Lade, thank the Red Bulls for re-signing Roy Miller, ask what lessons they learned from Montreal, mention Lloyd Sam, and ask Jason how to gameplan for the Red Bulls. You won't want to miss it!

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Our theme song is Pocket, by Beau Finley, used with permission.