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Filibuster podcast episode 73: Spring is so lazy it can't get its act together

On tap tonight: Courvoisier, Eight Point IPA, gin rickey, and the Champagne of Beers.

Filibuster - The Black and Red United podcast is back in your life once again, so rejoice at least in that. We break down D.C. United's game against Toronto FC, and go through all of the aspects where the team played poorly this weekend: attacking play, defensive play, and midfield play. We marvel at the success of Tim Leiwicke in both Toronto and Los Angeles, talk about Michael Seaton and Steve Birnbaum at the Richmond Kickers, and wonder if Birnbaum should be seeing some playing time in front of either Jeff Parke or Bobby Boswell.

We then bring on Sean Spence, managing editor of the Chicago Fire blog Hot Time in Old Town. We talk about the differences between Frank Klopas and Frank Yallop, Benji Joya, and the Fire's start to the season so far. Sean tries to tell us that things aren't so bad for D.C. United, while also talking about Mike Magee and his role in the team, the pitfalls of various Fire designated players, how to gameplan the Fire and Patrick Nyarko. Give it, us, and Sean a listen!

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Our theme song is Pocket, by Beau Finley, used with permission.