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Filibuster podcast episode 67: Pretending to be cool as the world comes to an end

On tap tonight: Cruzan Single Barrel Rum, Eagle Rare Single Barrel Bourbon, and a (single) can of Guinness Stout.

The hosts of your favorite D.C. United podcast featured on this site are reunited once again, and are back to give their impressions of the first half of D.C. United's preseason. We give sweeping generalizations, but then also go in-depth about Christian Fernandez, Davy Arnaud, Nick DeLeon, Jared Jeffrey, and all of Ben Olsen's tactical experimentations so far. The guys then make their claim to be 106.7's newest commentary booth for their English-language radio coverage of D.C. United, and then finish by talking about the so-called top five Eastern Conference teams this offseason, talk about where D.C. United ends up, and the team that is obviously the number one offseason champion. If you can dig the snow out of your ears, give it a listen!

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Our theme song is Pocket, by Beau Finley, used with permission.