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Filibuster Podcast: Week 15 - Previewing D.C. United's trip to New England with Steve Stoehr of the Bent Musket

This week, we let the sad in, and we talk to the founder and managing editor of SB Nation's New England Revolution site, Steve Stoehr, to help us preview D.C. United's trip north on Saturday.

We're back! After a week away, Filibuster - the Black & Red United podcast - returns with a very special episode. And I say "very special episode" in the old After School Special sense. It's sad. We're sad. All United fans are in some way sad - there's angry sad, depressed sad, soul-searching-finding-out-where-I-went-wrong-with-my-life sad. And then podcasting sad. Which is us.

This week, we talk a bit about D.C. United's 2-0 loss to the Chicago Fire and then let the sad happen. We spend the second half of the show talking with the fantastic Steve Stoehr of our New England Revolution sister site The Bent Musket to help us preview United's trip to Foxboro to take on the suddenly surging Revs. (A few apologies in advance - we were having some issues with Skype throughout this episode. I fixed what I could in editing, but some of it remains. Thanks for your patience.)

Thank you very much for listening. Get in touch with us with any questions, comments, concerns or anything else via Twitter - @FilibusterDCU - or by emailing us at Or just leave a comment on this post.

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Our theme song is Pocket by Beau Finley, used with permission.