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Filibuster Podcast: Week 16 - Introducing the Gin Pontius - and previewing the Vancouver Whitecaps w/ Jon Szekeres

Adam is back, and so is the gin. The guys also talk about soccer, especially D.C. United's win over San Jose and the upcoming game against Vancouver.

It's always fun to record a podcast after a win. I nearly forgot that, since it's been so long since we've gotten to experience it, but on Saturday, D.C. United beat the San Jose Earthquakes, and so that rush has come back to AMT Studios. And as promised on previous editions, and in gamethreads, I have named a new cocktail after the scorer of the game-winner (well, the only goal) in the weekend's game. Be sure to listen to the opening few minutes of the show, if only to see what goes into a Pontius cocktail.

Be sure to listen to the rest, though, as we evaluate some of United's players in that game and call out Alan Gordon, Jair Marrufo and the MLS Disciplinary Committee for an egregious play during the first half. We also ring up Jon Szekeres, the managing editor of 86 Forever, which just happens to be SB Nation's site covering all things Whitecap. He'll let us know who to look our for across the field this weekend (hint: attackers), and also where United should focus their attack if we want to push a bit closer to "winning streak" territory.

Please to enjoy.

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Our theme song is Pocket by Beau Finley, used with permission.

Finally, a quick heads up (for about the thousandth time): there are going to be some back-end changes at Filibuster in the near future - just as soon as we find some time to take care of a few transitional issues. It will hopefully be a seamless transition, and we'll let you know more when it happens, but consider this an early warning of some changes on the technical side.