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Filibuster Pod: Breaking down D.C. United's loss in KC and looking ahead to the Red Bulls

We won't let something like an 89th minute game-winning goal for the other guys stop us from bringing you another week of Filibustery goodness. This week, join Adam, Jason and Ben as they break down what went wrong in Kansas City and look ahead to the New York Red Bulls and the rest of the season. We've also got audio from Ben Olsen, Perry Kitchen and Chris Pontius that you won't want to miss - especially the Ben Olsen part.

It's never fun to lose, especially on an 89th-minute goal from an avoidable turnover deep in your own end. But that's how D.C. United went down to Sporting Kansas City last Friday. In this week's episode of Filibuster, we break down the game at Sporting Park and we get head coach Ben Olsen's thoughts from training early this week. We also speak with Perry Kitchen and Chris Pontius, but Benny is the star of the second segment, along with his reaction to an allergy-induced bloody nose.

We close out in our usual fashion, speaking with an expert on United's upcoming opponent. This week, that means welcoming back Matt Coyne, Managing Editor at SB Nation's Red Bulls site Once a Metro. He's always fun to talk to and gives us the inside scoop on the Metros as they bring their own recent struggles to RFK Stadium this Saturday.

As always, thanks for listening. Get in touch with us with any questions, comments, concerns or anything else via Twitter - @FilibusterDCU - or by emailing us at Or just leave us some comments below.

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Finally, a quick heads up: there are going to be some back-end changes at Filibuster in the relatively near future. We'll let you know more when it happens, but consider this an early warning of some changes on the technical side.