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Filibuster Podcast: D.C. United's draw in New Jersey, previewing Columbus with Rick Gethin of Massive Report

This week, we put the draw in Red Bull Arena to bed and check in after training with Bill Hamid, Ethan White and Ben Olsen. Finally, we preview this weekend's upcoming match at RFK with Columbus Crew blogger/podcaster Rick Gethin.

In this week's episode of Filibuster - the Black & Red United Podcast, we talk about what went right in D.C. United's draw against the New York Red Bulls (Bill Hamid) and what went wrong (everything else). We also question ChestRockwell's Old Person Cred, much to his dismay. The fact that he suffers from dismay is probably good enough to restore what Old Person Cred he might have lost in the show, actually. So good week for him.

In the second segment, we've got audio from Monday morning's training session, where we got a chance to chat with goalkeeper Bill Hamid, centerback Ethan White and Head Coach/Greatest Living Human Ben Olsen. (Technically, that is his full official title.)

Finally, we ring up Rick Gethin, one of the fine folks over at SB Nation's Columbus Crew site Massive Report, to help us preview Saturday afternoon's clash between United and the Crewzers at RFK stadium. It was a great conversation, and we hope you enjoy it.

As always, thanks for listening and for reading the site. Be sure to get in touch with questions for the podcast on Twitter - @FilibusterDCU - or by emailing us at Or just leave us some comments below.

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