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Filibuster Podcast 51: Thirteen times trophy raisers

On tap for tonight: Alamos Malbec, Guinness Stout, and J.W. Dundee's Honey Brown Lager.

Jason, Adam, and Ben are back yet again, and they begin the 51st episode of Filibuster by talking about D.C. United's 13th trophy in the 100th anniversary edition of the US Open Cup. They break down exactly how United was able to foil Real Salt Lake's plans, while trying to (and failing) to do some math on how many more trophies United has than everyone else. They then, unfortunately, have to talk about D.C. United's 3-0 defeat to the Chicago Fire, and are left wondering why Sean Johnson decided to leave his derp at home for the week. They then discuss whether or not D.C. United should pay Derby County for the right to keep Conor Doyle, with the consensus being that they should; on the other hand, a debate between Sainey Nyassi and Nate Robinson of the Richmond Kickers does not go as favorably for the current United player. The guys close the episode by talking about which players they really want to see against the Philadelphia Union.

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