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On Eddie Johnson, money and some of the hyperbole therein.

A brief moment of sanity before the next 9 months of craziness.

Christian Hofer

Putting my cards on the table before I get into a bit of a rant here. For the record, while this writer had qualms about bringing Eddie Johnson to DC, there really shouldn't be reservations about giving him Designated Player money. If anything the difference for D.C. United in giving Eddie Johnson Designated Player money in 2011 (as they seemed to be fully prepared to do) and giving it to him now is seeing his resurgence for both club and country bump the price tag up. Do I think the money is a little high personally? I do, considering this is a club has a history of spending their money on questionable personnel decisions. With that said...

Over the last 12 hours, I have seen folks opine that he will not score goals, or that his current coach helped inspire him to get his money, or that he has the potential to be the worst DP ever. To that and other statements, I say:

Really? Jeez.

Back when he was really getting paid in Kansas City (a time, admittedly, more than a couple of years behind him) when he scored 15 goals, he did so when no other Wizard had more than half of his total. And if you know who finished second to EJ in goals in 2007 without Wiki and you aren't a WizFan, well then I'll buy you a drink. I would possibly go so far to assert that comparing and contrasting the supporting cast EJ has now to what he had then, one could say the 2014 DC team as a whole has more raw talent than the 2007 Wizards, Davy Arnaud commonality notwithstanding.

But this "potential" for worst DP ever cracks me up. Folks, the fact that Eddie Johnson wants to do well ahead of the World Cup is going to likely keep him here past June, which automatically would not make him the worst DP signing of D.C. United's history. And we have not even gone down the Mistas, Denilsons or Tifferts of years past, guys who were signed to comparative salary and did absolutely squat.

As a DC fan, is there a bit of a post-coital glow going on? Maybe. Am I channeling Chris Crocker? Jesus, I hope not. Eddie Johnson is certainly saying the right things and he has a comfort level around former Wizards teammates in DC and who knows, maybe he can be the part of the face of marketing for when a new soccer stadium becomes rea...

OK, maybe the last part is a bit of a leap. But in a landscape where Johnson guy took one, 1, extra day in between January camp, a US game and sponsor commitments to get to his team and was bizarrely castigated for it (as opposed to a USMNT teammate who missed a bit more time reporting to his club), I'm willing to wait for actual games to be played before sharpening my pitchfork.

Hyperbole is the worst thing ever sometimes.