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Government contractor Leidos rumored to be D.C. United's new jersey sponsor

Steve Goff is reporting that government contractor Leidos, formerly SAIC, is close to becoming D.C. United's new jersey sponsor.

Adam Taylor

Well, that didn't take long. Steve Goff of the Washington Post is reporting that D.C. United is close to coming to an agreement with Leidos, a government contractor, to become the new jersey sponsor. Leidos would replace Volkswagen, the former sponsor whose logo had adorned United's jerseys since 2008.


Leidos was originally known as Science Applications International Corporation, splitting into two companies in the fall of 2013 and with the spun-off company retaining the SAIC name. Current business activities of Leidos include biomedical imaging, cybersecurity, and operations in the energy sector. For example, they were recently awarded a contract for live virtual simulation and training software by the US Army; another recently awarded contract involves them creating smart power meters for a rural electric company.

This comes only days after D.C. United's jersey release event, in which they unveiled a blank primary jersey. Presumably, the team will offer free logos for anyone who purchased the blank one at the season ticket holder event or at the team store before the new sponsor is announced, as they did when the team announced Volkswagen as their sponsor six years ago.

What do you all think of this announcement? How do you think the logo will look on D.C. United's newly announced uniforms?