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D.C. United re-signs fullback Chris Korb to a long-term deal

As teased by Steve Goff last night, D.C. United has re-signed fourth year fullback Chris Korb to a long term deal.


He was already safe on our preseason depth chart, but now we know that Chris Korb will not be going anywhere for the foreseeable future: D.C. United today announced that Korb, who was entering the last season of his rookie contract, has re-signed. Of course, the terms of the deal were not disclosed, but we can expect that it was a multi-year deal and a raise for Korb; last season, he made $49,613.

Korb has played both right back and left back throughout his three years in Washington, mostly starting. And while he has played more games at right back than left back, he played left back at Akron University and is currently projected to be the starter on the left side coming into this season. I think that he is better at left back than right back, and (not) coincidentally Korb's best play came at the end of 2012 while he was starting in place of Daniel Woolard on the left side. If Korb can return to that level, I think he can be a solid, if unspectacular, starter in MLS; even if he cannot, he is a good backup to have.

What do you all think of this move?