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Cake or Death? D.C. United left fullback-cum-centerback Daniel Woolard

With the 2013 season finally, mercifully behind us, it's time to run through the D.C. United roster and determine who should stay and eat cake and who should leave the team and find inevitable death. Our final player under the microscope is Daniel Woolard.


Well, boys and girls, you made it. Today is the last day of the player-focused portion of our Cake or Death series. After today's vote, we'll take tomorrow off and be back Monday with the coaches and front office. Today, though, we'll be looking at Daniel Woolard.

Woolard came on strong a couple years ago, making the left fullback spot his own and providing solid, tenacious defense and an improving overlapping presence in the attack. But then last year, his concussion struck, and his game never quite recovered. He was never the fastest fullback, but his anticipation and tenacity were generally enough to overcome his shortcomings in seasons past; that wasn't the case in 2013. Ben Olsen moved him to center back, but he still wasn't able to reach the level he had previously.

So, should D.C. United bring Woolard back for next season, or should he pack his bags? If you think there's a spot on the roster for him, give him cake. If not, then death. And once you're done voting, elaborate on your vote in the comments.