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Cake or Death? One of MLS' best worst defenders - or is it worst best defenders? - Dejan Jakovic

With the 2013 season finally, mercifully behind us, it's time to run through the D.C. United roster and determine who should stay and eat cake and who should leave the team and find inevitable death. Today, the tough subject of center back Dejan Jakovic's fate.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

D.C. United's defensive record in 2013 was... dubious. At best. After an incredible end to the 2012 season, and a decent start to 2013, the back line fell apart in a major way, resulting in Brandon McDonald's exile to Utah and lots of questions being asked about today's subject in Cake or Death?, Dejan Jakovic. Deki showed us time and again why he can be among the best center backs in MLS, marking Marco DiVaio out of a game, for instance, while showing us at least as many times why he's not generally in that discussion.

But that's neither here nor there. As you're probably used to me saying by now, this series isn't necessarily about how a player performed in 2013 or the expectations coming into this season. Instead, think about whether you'd like Jakovic back on the roster for 2014. If so, vote Cake. If not, then there's always Death. There is no third option - this is Cake or Death?, not Cake or Death or Something Else?.

So vote in the poll and elaborate on your choice in the comments.

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