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Michael Seaton called up for the senior Jamaican national team

Jumping straight from the U-17 team to the senior team, Michael Seaton has been called up for two upcoming friendlies.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

D.C. United homegrown player Michael Seaton has been called up to the senior Jamaican national team for two upcoming friendlies, to be held on November 15 and November 19. Both games will be against Trinidad and Tobago, with the first game in Jamaica and the second leg away. In July, Seaton was with the Jamaican U-17 team for their qualification attempt for the U-17 World Cup, but this will be his first call up to the senior team.

Seaton played well while he was on loan to the Richmond Kickers this year, but his call up is based more on potential than his actual record. Think of it in the same vein as Juan Agudelo or Terrence Boyd's first experiences with the United States national team. However, getting this sort of experience can only make Seaton a better player, and so I hope that he gets a few minutes on the field in each of these games.

It is also a commendation for USL PRO-MLS partnership, with a participant in that program getting time with his national team. Had Seaton remained buried on United's bench all season, I doubt that this call would have been made. Hopefully this is the first in a long string of call-ups for Seaton going forward.

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