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Cake or Death: Should Conor Doyle return to D.C. United in 2014?

With the 2013 season finally, mercifully behind us, it's time to run through the D.C. United roster and determine who should stay and eat cake and who should leave the team and find inevitable death. Today's subject: young American loanee Conor Doyle.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

He came to the District through a weighted lottery, but the real news on that day was that D.C. United actually entered a weighted lottery. He was part of a midseason retooling that saw the team get younger and American-er. And he scored some goals, which immediately made him one of United's least ineffective forwards. He impressed early in his run with the Black-and-Red and fizzled a bit later as the holes in his game became more apparent. His name is Conor Doyle, and today we decide whether he gets cake, or death.

Doyle arrived this summer on loan from Derby County FC over in England, and United has an option to purchase him before Dec. 1. The price is unknown, but it's been rumored to be around $300,000. That rumored price gives us some context for today's vote.

In "Cake or Death," we channel our inner Izzards to determine whether we think United should spend that money to bring Doyle back. Due to the massive wads of allocation money United will have access to next year, that transfer fee won't require that United burn a DP slot on him, so Doyle's play, his potential and the cash are all you should take into account with your vote. And remember - this is not an approve/disapprove of his performance in 2013; it's all about whether you think he should have a roster spot in 2014.

So: should D.C. United spend 300-grand on some cake for Conor Doyle, or should they do nothing, let the loan end, and allow death (and Derby County - but same thing, really) to wrap its icy fingers around the Texas native's neck? Vote in our poll and let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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