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MLS Power Rankings, Week 6: Four for you, Rapids!

A new number one, a new number 20. You know, typical MLS.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

MLS's sixth week is in the books, and staying true to form, our favorite little league continues to make things tough to predict. When I checked the score of the Dallas-Colorado game on Friday night, I had to check it a few more times to make sure I still understood how to read.

Elsewhere in the league, I probably wouldn't have predicted a 2-0 win for Orlando away to Portland, but there it was. And I'd have guessed Sporting KC and Real Salt Lake were good for a couple goals between them, but 0-0 it turned out to be. Plus? Vancouver, after starting strong, gave us a fun 2-2 draw against Columbus midweek, before struggling to a 1-0 loss at San Jose.

All of this to say: We never know what MLS is going to do. Was anything totally nuts in week 6? Nah. But nothing really went the way I thought it would, which is kind of why I love it. (Although I love less that DCU didn't secure the at least 2-0 win that my excited self, bouncing at RFK after Perry Kitchen's goals, thought was coming.)

Anyway, let's do some rankings. Then I'll ask you: Feel like you can predict MLS yet? Feel like you'll ever be able to predict MLS? Hit the comments, folks.

Rank Team LW Points GP Comment
1 New York Red Bulls 3 8 4 It pains me, but they earned a comeback draw on the road.
2 Vancouver Whitecaps 1 13 7 Not as strong of a week for them, but they only fall one place anyway.
3 LA Galaxy 7 8 6 Penedo killed it, helping the reigning champs to only their second win of the season.
4 D.C. United 5 10 5 Should have won, but still played their best game so far. They're going behind the Galaxy for giving up the 2-0 lead.
5 Seattle Sounders 4 7 5 Probably shouldn't have lost. They weren't without a solid effort, though, despite no Clint Dempsey.
6 San Jose Earthquakes 6 9 6 A home win keeps them up here.
7 Real Salt Lake 10 9 5 They remain unbeaten this season, and got a result on the road.
8 Orlando City SC 11 8 6 Away to Portland is never easy, and they got things done.
9 New England Revolution 9 8 6 The 0-0 draw was a slight setback, but there were flashes of promise.
10 Sporting Kansas City 12 9 6 They were held scoreless at home. Need to work on that offense.
11 FC Dallas 2 10 6 Lost 4-0 at home to a team that hadn't scored for 600 minutes. Womp womp about covers it.
12 Columbus Crew SC 13 5 5 "Sure, I'd love to play two soccer games after two cross-continent flights, that sounds awesome!" Two draws out of it ain't bad.
13 Chicago Fire 15 6 5 Okay, so they didn't play this week and I still moved them up. DonovanSunglassesDealWithIt.gif
14 Houston Dynamo 17 8 6 Take a bow for your first MLS goal, Rob Lovejoy.
15 Portland Timbers 14 6 6 Took a step back with that loss to Orlando.
16 Philadelphia Union 19 5 6 Left it til stoppage time, but bagged their first win of the season over a conference foe.
17 New York City FC 8 5 5 Their struggles give me life.
18 Toronto FC 16 3 4 Didn't play. Fell anyway. #TFC
19 Colorado Rapids 20 6 5 You go, Rapids!
20 Montreal Impact 18 2 4 It's fine, Montreal, we're behind you for the CCL.