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MLS Power Rankings, Week 4: Crowdsourced edition

In what is to be a monthly tradition, I take a break from the power rankings and let you tell me who are the best and worst teams in MLS.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It has come to that time of the month in which I throw open the job of creating the MLS power rankings to you, our dear readers. We have had over a month of Major League Soccer action, so we know at least a few things about each of the teams in the league, even if they challenge the narratives we all had in our minds going into this season. For example, the Columbus Crew have won every game so far and the New York Red Bulls have yet to win a game. For the bottom of the rankings, a case can now be made that the Montreal Impact should be at the bottom and not D.C. United. And in the Western Conference, two of the top three teams from last year are at the bottom of the standings.

The list of teams is the rank that they were last week, so feel free to rank them yourselves and let me know in the comments why you picked the order that you did!