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MLS Offseason Power Rankings, January 2014 Edition

How do we think each of the league's teams are doing? Let's find out!


Our end-of-the-month power rankings are here yet again, and there has been many changes since our December 2013 edition. There has been the draft, trades, signings, designated players coming and going, and now the opening of preseason camps. So, we wanted to check and see what you, our lovely readers, think of what each team has done so far this offseason. This is a ranking of who think are the offseason champions, much like the Redskins are every year. Once preseason games start, we will start evaluating who we think will fair best throughout the season in the race for MLS Cup.

Simply move each of the teams up and down until they are in the place where you think they should go. Somehow, I doubt Chivas USA will stay so high in this list (although, I think they are doing better this offseason than many give them credit for). Have at it, and give us your comments and thoughts about the rankings in the comments!