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MLS 2013 Week 12 Schedule, TV/streaming, predictions

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On the heels the biggest week of matches so far this year - 15 games spread over five days - Week 12 again brings some midweek action into the mix. We've got everything you'll need to follow it right here.

Jeff Vinnick

Good gracious, there were a lot of matches to predict last week! Fifteen of them, which meant a lot of chances for the standings in our ongoing predicto-league. So, before we get to all of this week's upcoming action, let's take a peek at where things stand there.

Week 11 Scores (possible 15): Adam: 5 points | Chest: 4 pts | Benuski: 6 pts | Stephen: 7 pts

Total Scores (possible 100): Adam: 38 pts | Chest: 40 pts | Benuski: 35 pts | Stephen: 40 pts

So, not an entirely successful week for some of us, but we're all still above - in the case of Chest and Stephen, well above - that dreaded line that would represent parity with randomness (33%), so we're all providing some value in our picks. Hooray for us!

Pep talk completed, let's turn to this week's slate.

Wed. May 15, 7:30 pm: Philadelphia Union vs. LA Galaxy - MLS Live
Adam: LAG. Chest: Draw. Benuski: LAG. Stephen: LAG.

While it would make me happy if Philly could just kick LA all night, LA is just too good. -Benuski

Sat. May 18, 5 pm: Toronto FC vs. Columbus Crew: MLS Live, Univision Deportes
Adam: Draw. Chest: CLB. Benuski: CLB. Stephen: Draw.

At this point, TFC is a source of solace for United. We can still catch them! -Chest

Sat. May 18, 7 pm: Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Portland Timbers - MLS Live
Adam: POR. Chest: POR. Benuski: POR. Stephen: VAN.

Not only is Porter winning with the Timbers just a couple years after spurning the head coaching job at RFK, but he's doing so while using former United fullback-slash-midfielder-slash-turnover machine Rodney Wallace as an MLS team of the week forward? Okay, D.C., it's time for somebody to fess up for denying the existence of the soccer gods. That kind of hubris is the only explanation for everything that is this year. -Adam

Sat. May 18, 7:30 pm: Philadelphia Union vs. Chicago Fire - MLS Live
Adam: PHI. Chest: Draw. Benuski: PHI. Stephen: PHI.

The American Chicharito will prey on lesser teams such as Chicago. -Benuski (Just like he did a mere seven days prior. -Adam)

Sat. May 18, 8:30 pm: Houston Dynamo vs. New England Revolution - MLS Live
Adam: HOU. Chest: HOU. Benuski: HOU. Stephen: HOU.

No worries about a losing streak at BBVA now that the unbeaten streak has ended. -Chest

Sat. May 18, 10:30 pm: San Jose Earthquakes vs. Colorado Rapids - MLS Live
Adam: SJ. Chest: SJ. Benuski: SJ. Stephen: Draw.

Is there any team more disappointing than the Earthquakes this year? Oh, wait... -Stephen

Sat. May 18, 10:30 pm: Seattle Sounders vs. FC Dallas - MLS Live
Adam: FCD. Chest: SEA. Benuski: Draw. Stephen: SEA.

Remember in 2010, when we won at Seattle? I've been thinking a lot about that game lately. What I'm getting at is that I hate this season. -Chest

Sun. May 19, 1 pm: New York Red Bulls vs. LA Galaxy - ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPN Deportes
Adam: LAG. Chest: Draw. Benuski: NY. Stephen: NY.

ESPN's intro to this game will be as follows: "David Beckham. David Beckham. David Beckham. Alexi Lalas brought David Beckham to MLS. David Beckham. Landon Donovan Walkabout. David Beckham. Robbie Keane. Thierry Henry bike last week. David Beckham. David Beckham." -Adam

Sun. May 19, 5 pm: D.C. United vs. Sporting Kansas City - Comcast SportsNet, MLS Live (local blackout), Univision Deportes
Adam: DCU. Chest: Draw. Benuski: Draw. Stephen: SKC.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing twice but expecting a different result. So here I am, bashing my head into a wall, thinking that this time it'll turn out right. Of course, this season "turn out right" means "hold on for a home draw." -Chest

Sun. May 19, 10:30 pm: Chivas USA vs. Real Salt Lake - MLS Live
Adam: RSL. Chest: RSL. Benuski: Draw. Stephen: RSL.

As much as I enjoy Jason Kreis' system and think that the league has figured out el Chelis' "system," the world is a better place when the Goats are winning, so I'm hoping we - and everybody else - is wrong with this pick. -Adam

* * *

Your turn. Let us know in the comments how you did last week and where your picks stand after 100 matches. While you're at it, give us your predictions for Week 12, too.