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MLS Week 7 Schedule, TV/streaming, predictions - all about the Atlantic Cup & the top of the West

Week 6 did our prognosticators no favors, but Week 7 of Major League Soccer has some juicy matchups for fans of the beautiful game. We've got all the information inside.

Ronald Martinez

Pay no attention to the men behind the curtain... who managed to net exactly 1/4 of the possible points last week. For reference's sake, 1/3 would have been expected from sheer random guessing. In our defense, who thought Chicago had three goals in them or that the Quakes would voluntarily remove two players for an equipment change? Anyway, if you don't like death and despair, look away from last week's scores.

Week 6 Scores (possible 7): Adam: 1 point | Chest: 1 pts | Benuski: 3 pts | Stephen: 2 pts

Total Scores (possible 49): Adam: 18 pts | Chest: 21 pts | Benuski: 16 pts | Stephen: 20 pts

Ben gets an opportunity to gloat this week - even if he is still in last place. Any how, onto this week's slate!

Sat. Apr. 13, 2 pm: Montreal Impact vs. Columbus Crew - MLS Live
Adam: MTL. Chest: MTL. Benuski: MTL. Stephen: MTL.

Montreal finally plays their home opener at Stade Saputo. It's still a cold weather month, and it's still outdoors in Canada, so advantage Impact. -Stephen

Sat. Apr. 13, 4 pm: Philadelphia Union vs. Toronto FC - MLS Live
Adam: Draw. Chest: Draw. Benuski: PHI. Stephen: PHI.

Still waiting for the Union to actually look convincing rather than just catch an opponent on the right day. -Chest

Sat. Apr. 13, 4 pm: Seattle Sounders vs. New England Revolution - MLS Live, Univision Deportes
Adam: SEA. Chest: SEA. Benuski: Draw. Stephen: SEA.

Seattle currently sits dead last in the overall MLS table. They have to start winning soon, right? Right? RIGHT? -Stephen

Sat. Apr. 13, 4 pm: Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Real Salt Lake - MLS Live
Adam: RSL. Chest: Draw. Benuski: Draw. Stephen: VAN.

With Javier Morales returning to the fold, RSL should be in for an uptick in results in the near future. With the 'Caps taking home a draw thanks to San Jose's wardrobe malfunctions, I'm not as confident in Vancouver. -Adam

Sat. Apr. 13, 7 pm: D.C. United vs. New York Red Bulls - MLS Live (no local blackout, no local TV coverage)
Adam: Draw. Chest: DCU. Benuski: DCU. Stephen: DCU.

Information learned over the course of this season tells me this pick is wrong, but information learned since 1996 tells me there's no other choice here. -Chest

Sat. Apr. 13, 7:30 pm: FC Dallas vs. LA Galaxy - NBC Sports Network
Adam: FCD. Chest: FCD. Benuski: LAG. Stephen: FCD.

Big decision for LA this week: Play to win in an almost impossible CONCACAF Champions League semifinal on the road at Monterrey already down a goal on aggregate, or write off CCL and focus on the big MLS tilt in Dallas three days later. Galaxy pride means they likely go for it in Monterrey, which is good news for Dallas. -Stephen

Sat. Apr. 13, 10:30 pm: Chivas USA vs. Colorado Rapids - MLS Live
Adam: CHV. Chest: CHV. Benuski: CHV. Stephen: CHV.

I like seeing the Goats' early season success, because they are trolling us oh so hard. -Benuski

Sun. Apr. 14, 5 pm: Houston Dynamo vs. Chicago Fire - UniMas
Adam: HOU. Chest: HOU. Benuski: HOU. Stephen: HOU.

The Fire managed to find the net three times at home against the Red Bulls last week, including a brace from Maicon Santos. Even assuming the best for Chicago - Santos defies his own history and goes on to win the Golden Boot as the Fire take the Eastern Conference crown in dominating fashion - they're still going to lose this week in Houston. -Adam

Sun. Apr. 14, 10:30 pm: Portland Timbers vs. San Jose Earthquakes - NBC Sports Network
Adam: SJ. Chest: Draw. Benuski: Draw. Stephen: Draw.

The Quakes aren't at their Goonies best yet, but their form should be good enough to get a draw against the Timbers and their TFC-in-2012 level defense. -Chest

* * *

As always, let us know how your picks fared last week and give us your take on this week's slate of matches down in the comments.