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MLS Week 9 Schedule, TV/streaming, predictions - better late than never

How did our prognosticators do during the huge 10-match slate that was week 8? Who are they picking for the upcoming week 9? Find out here.

David Banks

It was a big week last week in MLS-ia, with 10 games on tap and decent match-ups all over the country. Some of our staffers stepped up to the challenge, while others... well, you'll see in the scores - suffice to say that any gloating Benuski may have been entitled to has now been unceremoniously executed. Anyway, check our scores here, and scroll down for the schedule and the Washington area television availability of every Major League Soccer game this weekend.

Week 8 Scores (possible 10): Adam: 4 point | Chest: 5 pts | Benuski: 2 pts | Stephen: 5 pts

Total Scores (possible 68): Adam: 25 pts | Chest: 30 pts | Benuski: 21 pts | Stephen: 27 pts

And on we go into week 9!

Sat. Apr. 27, 2 pm: Toronto FC vs. New York Red Bulls - MLS Live
Adam: TFC. Chest: Draw. Ben: NY. Stephen: Draw.

Toronto has been refreshingly inconsistent this year, while the Red Bulls have been disappointingly inconsistent. Here's to inconsistency! -Stephen

Sat. Apr. 27, 4 pm: Montreal Impact vs. Chicago Fire - NBC Sports Network
Adam: MTL. Chest: MTL. Ben: MTL. Stephen: MTL.

The Fire are getting better, but Montreal is still going to starve them of the ball and will likely rest their AARP-eligible Italians in the Voyageurs Cup. 1-0 to the Impact (but 2-0 if they wear their blue-and-black stripes). -Chest

Sat. Apr. 27, 6 pm: Vancouver Whitecaps vs. FC Dallas - Univision Deportes, MLS Live
Adam: FCD. Chest: Draw. Ben: Draw. Stephen: FCD.

Last year, the 'Caps survived a late charge from Dallas for the last playoff spot in the West. This year, FCD is top of the table, and Vancouver is on the wrong side of the red line. A lot changes with the new year. Like David Ferreira being healthy. -Adam

Sat. Apr. 27, 7:30 pm: Columbus Crew vs. D.C. United - MLS Live (no local blackout, no "real" TV coverage on CSN until next week)
Adam: CLB. Chest: Draw. Ben: DCU. Stephen: Draw.

My hopeful pronouncements on Filibuster about DC winning this game involved Columbus playing like they did in Chicago (i.e. terribly). They'll probably improve, but I also think we'll see progress for the Black-and-Red. That's "progress," not "the quality of play these players should actually deliver every week." -Chest

Sat. Apr. 27, 7:30 pm: New England Revolution vs. Philadelphia Union - MLS Live
Adam: Draw. Chest: Draw. Ben: PHI. Stephen: NE.

Things I know about the 2013 New England Revolution: 1. They are the frontrunners in the annual Disney Plucky Underdog Stakes after fullback Kevin Alston took an indefinite leave of absence to treat his newly-found leukemia and after injured goalkeeper Matt Reis' father-in-law was injured at the Boston Marathon bombing. 2. They are nevertheless not very good at playing soccer. But Jack Mac & the Chichiritos are only in the Eastern Conference playoff race by default, so look for them to split the points at Foxboro Cavern. -Adam

Sat. Apr. 27, 8:30 pm: Sporting Kansas City vs. Portland Timbers - MLS Live
Adam: SKC. Chest: SKC. Ben: SKC. Stephen: SKC.

"Porterball" is just "Wilkinsonball" with better players, Portland. You can't fool me. You also aren't going to KC and winning. -Chest

Sat. Apr. 27, 9 pm: Real Salt Lake vs. LA Galaxy - MLS Live
Adam: RSL. Chest: RSL. Ben: Draw. Stephen: LAG.

The Galaxy look like a team hitting their form with Donovan back and playing 90 minutes. Watch out Western Conference. -Stephen

Sat. Apr. 27, 10:30 pm: Chivas USA vs. San Jose Earthquakes - MLS Live
Adam: Draw. Chest: SJ. Ben: Draw. Stephen: SJ.

If there's a team in MLS ready to deal with long balls and opportunistic strikers, it's the Quakes. Bonus prediction: Someone gets red carded. -Chest

Sun. Apr. 28, 5 pm: Houston Dynamo vs. Colorado Rapids - UniMas
Adam: HOU. Chest: HOU. Ben: HOU. Stephen: HOU.

I'm pretty sure I'd pick the Dynamo U-14s over any MLS opposition at LOLOMGWTFBBQ BBVA Ermegerd Compass Hellpit Stadium, so a slightly depleted roster won't even make me think twice about this pick. -Adam

* * *

Let us hear your picks and thoughts on this week's match-ups down in the comments.