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MLS Week 2 Open Thread: Your place for all things Not D.C. United

You asked for it - you got it! This is your place for all non-D.C. vs. RSL discussion.

Kyle Rivas

"Did you see that sick finish by [Sporting Kansas City player]? He totally embarrassed [Toronto FC player]!"

"Yeah I did! But that response by [Other TFC player] - talk about surprising!"

These are the kinds of conversations we haven't really had a place for here at B&RU. So let's do something about it. With more and more of our readers watching more and more MLS games that don't involve D.C. United, we've gotten a few requests for an open thread in which to talk about those games since last weekend. And being of the obliging sort, we, well, obliged.

So consider this your spot for all things not involving Saturday night's game against Real Salt Lake. And remember, we've got everything you need to be ready for the games, from schedules and TV info to injury information. So have fun with it; this is your sandbox, after all. We'll have the GameThread for United and RSL up later this afternoon.

And, if you need to get some European or South American talk off your chest, I suppose we could let that happen here, too. Just this once.