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MLS Power Rankings - Week 1: Introducing the B&RU Interactive Power Poll

We got such a good response to our last interactive ranking exercise that we decided to make it a weekly feature. Vote in the poll, and be sure to check back this week as other readers vote and the rankings develop.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The season has officially started! Well, that's the case for every MLS team save the New England Revolution (and, some of our readers would argue, D.C. United). At any rate, that's enough for us to launch another new feature here at B&RU: a weekly interactive power poll where you, our community, will rank every MLS team from strongest to weakest each week. Use whatever criteria you want - best form today, your pick to win the Supporters' Shield or MLS Cup, some combination thereupon, whatever.

At this point in the season, there's going to be a lot of volatility in the rankings - both within this poll as voters will have wildly different takes on the single round of action so far and from week to week as performances shape voters' opinions - so let's have it out in the comments to flesh out the relative pecking order within America's top flight.

Without further ado, here's this week's Power Poll.

And just for the sake of complete disclosure, this was my totally subjective ballot, cast with every understanding that it will change somewhat drastically in each of the first several weeks of the season:

  1. Houston Dynamo
  2. Real Salt Lake
  3. Sporting Kansas City
  4. LA Galaxy
  5. San Jose Earthquakes
  6. FC Dallas
  7. New York Red Bulls
  8. Columbus Crew
  9. Portland Timbers
  10. Montreal Impact
  11. D.C. United
  12. Seattle Sounders
  13. Chicago Fire
  14. Philadelphia Union
  15. Colorado Rapids
  16. Vancouver Whitecaps
  17. New England Revolution
  18. Toronto FC
  19. Chivas USA